Receiving A Flu Shot Is Encouraged During Pandemic

Beginning Monday travelers arriving from specific countries will no longer be required to undergo enhanced health screenings aimed at identifying passengers with COVID-19 as the current program

CDC Announces Big Change to Air Travel Restrictions

Among some 1,700 pediatric patients presenting with respiratory viral illness, there was no significant difference in children diagnosed with COVID-19 versus influenza A or B in the rate of hospitalization (17% vs 21%, P=0.15), intensive care unit admission (6% vs 7%, P=0.42), or use of mechanical ventilation (3% vs 2%, P=0.17), reported Xiaoyan Song, PhD, MSc, of Children's National Hospital, and colleagues, in JAMA Network Open.

Children made up.07% of coronavirus deaths, with 103 children reportedly dying from COVID-19 related illnesses.

People should not be concerned about contracting influenza from a flu shot, he says.

Flu shots work: In the 2018-19 United States flu season, the vaccine averted more than 4 million illnesses, 2 million doctors' visits and about 58,000 hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths, according to the CDC. The fear of a "twindemic" - a spike in COVID-19 cases and a bad flu season - is prompting some state officials to at least consider requiring the influenza vaccine for kids in school.

But flu is particularly risky to children (as well as elderly people). In addition, it will be really important for everyone to get an influenza vaccine this year. "Secondly, we didn't think it was the proper time to get the shot". You can use VaccineFinder.orgexternal icon to find where flu vaccines are available near you.

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"In the first round, we'll vaccinate the priority high-risk groups - those ill with chronic diseases, medical personnel, and schoolchildren up to age 12", said Health Ministry Director-General Hezy Levi. "The risk of getting the flu and COVID-19 is a rational concern".

"This could be one of the best flu seasons [we've had]", Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told the Journal of the American Medical Association in August. Torres said that since it can take some time for the vaccine to activate in your body and protect against the flu, it's important to get vaccinated sooner rather than later.

Another flu vaccine that will arrive is good news for many who are fearful of injections.

Experts have emphasized the importance of the flu shot this year in the hopes of avoiding a "combined pandemic" with both the flu and the coronavirus circulating.

Medics prepare to give flu shots to elders in a clinic in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. Dr. Song says the impact of school closures on the spread of COVID-19 among children is the next area of study for her research team.

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But the increased supply doesn't mean Americans will be rushing out to get a flu shot.

Doctors will need to do more testing than usual, but tests for both flu and Covid-19 are imperfect.

He also cautioned that flu vaccines aren't 100-percent protective. This year, many people are working from home. Currently, the flu vaccine is administered to children through a shot or nasal spray.

Johnson said many pharmacies, including his, will offer walk-in vaccination services.

"We would like to really extend influenza immunization into communities of color and lower socio-economic areas, and those communities very traditionally have been vaccine wary. They're not anti-vaccine - that's a different group - they're just not as convinced about the merits of vaccination".

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