Google Chrome Improvements Include Faster Page Loads and Better Tab Management

Google Chrome update brings better tab management, QR codes, plus performance improvements

Google Chrome gains a bunch of new productivity-focused features

Tabs are set to load up to 10 percent faster, according to Google. When you open the file again, you can start up where you left off.

"Now you can collapse and expand your tab groups, so it is easier to see the ones you need to access".

"It can be frustrating to click through multiple tabs trying to find the one you want".

Google Chrome is improving the performance of its tabs and introducing new features to increase efficiency.

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Coming to Chromebooks first, a new touchscreen interface has tabs that are larger and more practical to organise, and hide when people don't need them. The feature will come in handy in situations when you have a lot of tabs open from the same website or service.

Tab hover preview has been in the works for months and honestly, I use it all the time as I live in the Dev and Canary channel.

PDF support on Chrome gets more powerful too as you will be able to fill out PDF forms and save them with your inputs directly from Chrome. While some of these features are still in beta mode, the rest will gradually be rolling out for all users.

Based on beta user feedback, Google is tweaking how tab groups work, as well.

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Chrome accounted for 63.7 per cent of the global internet browser market as of December past year, according to Statista. Not only can you copy a link and send it to Chrome on other devices, but you can now also print a page or generate a QR code to scan or download. You can read about these improvements in detail here. You can try out with the QR Code below and learn a little more about Chrome's friendly Dino.

"Our testing consistently shows pages loading up to 10% faster at the median, and even greater speed improvements when your CPU is tasked with running many tabs or programs", Christoff said. This updated has been tested and reports Speedometer 2.0 boosts between 8%-12% on Windows and macOS.

Google this May introduced tab groups, initially in beta. The goal hear is throttle inactive background pages and lend those resources to the active tabs. This is a result of a couple of under the hood improvements being made to the browser. Chrome 85 for desktop and Android will be rolling out over the next few days and we expect Chrome OS 85 to arrive roughly a week from today.

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