Kroger, Walmart announce customer face mask requirements

Walmart to mandate customers across US stores wear masks

Starting next week, Publix will require all customers to wear face masks

The company said it was following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guidelines in enacting the policy. Customers shopping at Walmart stores nationwide will have to wear a mask starting July 20.

Schnucks is now training employees on the new protocols and preparing signage to mark the change to customers who haven't heard of the update to store policy. Small children or those who have a valid medical condition will not be required to wear a mask.

Starbucks- Effective July 15, Starbucks will be requiring customers to wear facial coverings while visiting all company-owned café locations in the US.

As of Thursday, only about half of the country's states require masks in public places. Since already 65 percent of its U.S. Walmart and Sam's Club operations are in jurisdictions where masks are government-mandated, it wants to bring consistency across the brand.

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CVS, however, said it was not asking its employees to act as enforcers of the policy, which goes into effect on Monday. Stores will have teammates available to greet customers at each entrance from 10 7 p.m., seven days a week, and during designated senior hours.

Kroger- Mask requirement begins on July 22.

Kroger, Kohl's, Best Buy and now Publix have all joined the chorus of large retailers soon to require customers to wear masks in their stores.

Whole Foods- We are requesting that all customers wear masks while shopping in our stores. However, the recent surge of new virus cases - particularly in Florida, California, Texas and Arizona - has left them with no choice, retail experts say. The face mask requirement goes into effect on July 20.

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Target said Thursday that it will hand out masks at entrances to those who need them. More than 80% of the chain's 1,800 stores already require masks due to local and state regulations.

At least one company, CVS, acknowledged that it will count on consumers to comply with the brand-new requirement.

At Publix the new mandate goes into effect on Tuesday, July 21.

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