Florida and Texas governors blame spike in cases on increased testing

Florida to increase inspections of businesses as coronavirus cases surge

Florida to increase inspections of businesses as coronavirus cases surge UPI21 Jun 2020

While some officials have blamed the rise in new cases on the increase in testing, health experts have cautioned that it is not the only cause.

The state reported 3,494 additional cases during a 24-hour period ending Saturday night as total cases in the state rose more than 49 percent in the past two weeks to 97,291, the seventh most in the United States.

Florida's three-day streak of record-breaking numbers ended on Saturday, with 4,049 new cases of COVID-19.

DeSantis says many of those testing positive now don't have any COVID-19 symptoms and many of them are young.

During an afternoon press conference at the Florida Capitol, DeSantis tried to shift focus away from the sheer number of new cases that has begun to raise alarm. The state said new test results were reported for 34,400 people Friday and showed an infection rate of more than 12% - a clear indication of the the widened public spread of the disease.

That increased testing, he said, comes as many people are returning to the workforce.

Take steps to install CCTVs in all Covid hospitals, SC tells states
A proposal to ensure that private hospitals provide 60 per cent of their Covid beds at low rates was also discussed. A staffer of civic-run Hindu Rao Hospital has died of COVID-19, officials said on Thursday.

Experts raised alarm about climbing situations in Florida, saying that the state could become the next epicenter of coronavirus in the United States.

The State of Florida continues to set new daily highs of coronavirus cases with 4,049 cases reported by the Florida Department of Health on Saturday, June 20, 2020.

In California, the number of people hospitalized with coronavirus is the highest it's been since the beginning of the pandemic, in accordance with CNN.

For instance, Brannon Traxler, a physician consultant for South Carolina's Department of Health and Environmental Control, said there's evidence that "younger South Carolinians are not taking social distancing seriously". "They also tell us that younger SC youth are not taking the social dimension seriously".

'It's a little bit of a disturbing trend, and what frightens me is not only that they are younger, the potential of them infecting other people, particularly parents and grandparents, ' said Dr Robert Jansen, chief medical officer at Grady Health System.

He told Al-Akhbar that the age of the people whose health has been proven is directed towards the youth.

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But Phil Brown, CEO of Orlando International Airport, said in a statement Wednesday that last week's rate of positive cases from the 500 workers tested last week was only 0.4%.

"They also tell us that young people in SC are not taking social distancing seriously".

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, at least 23 states show an upward trend in new cases compared to last week.

The ABC News analysis also found that hospitalizations for COVID-19 are increasing in 17 states across the country. Orange County, home to Orlando, started a new order requiring the use of masks in public on Saturday. However ... if widespread testing was the entire reason for the rise in cases, you'd expect to see the proportion of positive tests go down or at the very least remain steady.

Nearly half of those cases were reported from the Americas, he said. "That's what happens when you reopen and you don't do it intelligently, you do it politically", Cuomo told CBS Sunday Morning as New York City prepares to enter the second stage of its reopening plan on Monday. "Countries are understandably eager to open up their societies and their economies".

Health officials have urged people to keep their distance from others to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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