Wave goodbye to Apple iOS after this WWDC bombshell

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Is Apple going to rename iOS to iPhoneOS?

For comparison, Android 10 is now installed on only 8.2% of smartphones. Accordingly, iOS 13 is by far the most used iOS version. One of the most important changes in the latest version of iOS is the ability to change its iPhone's default apps. For its iPad, Apple had introduced iPadOS previous year.

San Francisco: Apple has released new iOS adoption statistics that indicate iOS 13, the current update, is now installed on 92 percent of all iPhones introduced in the last four years.

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When counting all iPads still in use, 73 percent run ‌iPadOS‌, 16 percent run iOS 12, and 11 percent run an earlier version of iOS. The company then changed the name to iOS in 2010 when it launched the first-gen iPad which used the same operating system. It is considered stable, smooth, and safe for its enthusiasts.

Apple was previously expected to announce multiple new devices during the WWDC: a redesigned iMac, over-the-ear headphones called AirPods Studio, a cheaper HomePod, and a tracking accessory dubbed AirTags. Early iOS 14 builds also hint the inclusion of home screen widgets, something that we have been seeing on Android for quite some time. The popular mobile platform is reportedly going to be renamed to iPhoneOS.

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In addition to iOS 14, the company will also unveil watchOS 7 that will be powering Watch Series 6. (Just don't expect Tim Cook to dwell on that too much that on-stage.) Curiously, the conversation around this move has died down since Bloomberg broke the news in February, so we'll just have to see how things play out.

And at first glance, such a change kind of makes sense. The move would be great news for Apple's power users, but make no mistake: If this happens, it would likely be because of the heightened antitrust scrutiny the company faces from USA lawmakers and the European Union. According to the latest rumours, Apple will now allow these widgets to be placed in amongst the grid of app icons. The XDA-Developer stated that the email even mentioned that the iPhone will be renamed Apple Phone. This will keep the nomenclature of Apple's products in a similar format.

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