Kenya defeats Djibouti to win a seat at the UN Security Council

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

D-Day for Kenya in Race for UN Security Council Seat

Kenya and Djibouti were competing for the final seat, but there was no clear victor.

Each new Security Council member needs to win two-thirds of the votes cast - meaning 128 votes if all 193 nations vote.

India won unopposed as the Asia-Pacific representative, while Mexico, Norway and Ireland were also chosen as non-permanent members.

Trudeau had placed many resources behind a multi-year campaign to secure one of the seats.

Winning a seat on the Security Council is considered a pinnacle of achievement for many countries because it gives them a strong voice on issues of global peace and security ranging from conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Ukraine to the nuclear threat posed by North Korea and Iran, and attacks by extremist groups such as the Islamic State and al-Qaida.

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The defeat of the Liberal government led by Trudeau followed a failed bid for a Security Council seat by the former Conservative government under Stephen Harper in 2010.

Canada's loss came in the first round of voting Wednesday in a secret ballot of 192 member states of the United Nations General Assembly for two available seats on the council for a two-year term starting next year. As guided by the #PGA, we will have a 2nd round of voting..."said the Ambassador".

Because of its powers including authorizing war and imposing sanctions, winning a seat on the Security Council is considered a pinnacle of achievement for many countries.

She said that the UN Charter has entrusted the Security Council with primary responsibility for the maintenance of global peace and security. "I don't think there's been another election where four votes made the difference between no one coming out of the first round successfully, and two countries doing so".

Now unshackled, we can proceed to take a harder line on these unsafe regimes.

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"It shows that through the Trudeau years Canada's superficiality and insouciance in foreign affairs got through to the rest of the world, and the world decided we were too flimsy, unfocused, ad hoc and chaotic to merit support", said Lewis, a lifelong New Democrat who was appointed by then Progressive Conservative prime minister Brian Mulroney to be his United Nations ambassador in the 1980s.

Canadian Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne declined to say why he thought Canada lost, adding there will be ample time for lessons learned.

The combo photo shows the national flags of India (Up Left), Ireland (Up Right), Mexico (Down Left) and Norway.

The Turkish diplomat Volkan Bozkir, will take over from Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, the current General Assembly president in September, when the annual session opens. "A vote for Kenya is a vote for multilateralism", President Kenyatta rallied the envoys.

But Armenia, Cyprus and Greece - all of which have historically tense relations with Turkey - have opposed him, meaning he can not be elected by consensus and nations will have to cast votes.

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