Android 11 beta is now available, and here's how to get it

Android 11 Beta is live: What's new and how to download it now

Oppo Confirms ColorOS Android 11 Beta Arrives This Month With The Find X2 Smartphone

The Android 11 beta support for other Android phones is expected to rollout soon, just like Google did with the Android Q beta previous year.

Google says the three key themes for Android 11 are People, Controls and Privacy. That makes Oppo the first phone maker to confirm the Android 11 update for their phones.

Google has released much-anticipated Android 11 in Beta that offers Google Meet to everyone and several new ways to not only connect better with people but also securely control devices and media.

Android 11 will automatically add all the notifications that come from text messages to the Conversations menu, and that's the first category you'll see when you check your notifications. You will get notification for Android 11 beta.

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Because I just wrote a story about how to install the potentially buggier Developer Preview of Android 11, it's only fitting that Google, today, launched the Android 11 public beta.

While stats from StatCounter in May 2020 show less than 20 per cent of devices worldwide have adopted Android 10, it's already time to make way for the latest version. Do Not Disturb mode has broader customization options as well, letting you choose which apps or contacts are permitted to trigger notifications.

Bubbles, one of the bigger features coming to Android 11, haven't had the best start in the Android 11 beta because there are nearly no apps that support them.

Long Press Notifications: You will also be able to assign chats certain levels of priority, which is good if you're not a fan of the Bubbles functionality.

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Regarding security updates, the users' data will be encrypted right after the device reboots following an OTA update, without requiring them to input their credentials. This will mean easy access to virtual cards, as well as Smart Home controls. When you use an app for the first time there's a new option to only allow location permission once, rather like iOS 13 does. Google is also rolling out independent resolution control, allowing you to manually set your Stadia resolution output on each device you play.

Google really wants you to be sure you know what you're doing.

Media controls have also been moved to a Quick Settings area above notifications.

Google said that Android 11 has even more granular controls for the most sensitive permissions. This gives you one-tap access to open a full conversation, thus avoiding the need to switch back and forth between apps. This changes in Android 11 wherein the tiny tweak will not interrupt your music playing experience on a Bluetooth headset or a speaker which is connected to your smartphone. You will then receive a software update that can be downloaded and installed by going to Settings System Advanced System update.

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