WHO Backtracks On Asymptomatic COVID-19 Comments

Globally situation worsening on COVID-19: Dr Tedros

COVID-19 Cases Worsening Globally –WHO

Tedros stressed that the most critical way to stop transmission is to find, isolate and test people with symptoms, and trace and quarantine their contacts.

The "clarification" she provided during a World Health Organization social-media chat showed many questions remain about whether infected people who don't show symptoms of illness such as fever, dry cough or difficulty breathing can transmit the virus to others.

"If we actually follow all the symptomatic cases, isolated those cases, followed the contacts and quarantined those contacts, we would drastically reduce" transmission, she said.

Addressing a virtual press conference in Geneva, where the United Nations body is based, Tedros warned against complacency. If you are sick, you can spread the virus, so it's important to stay home if possible.

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The World Health Organization has qualified its bombshell claim that asymptomatic people rarely infect others with Covid-19, scrambling to explain how its earlier statement was misinterpreted and based on a "misunderstanding". "What I was referring to is a subset of studies".

Detailed studies and testing of people who test positive for the coronavirus but show no symptoms are needed to determine if they spread the disease, and few have been done so far. She also clarified that some models developed by other scientists suggest as much as 40% of global transmission may be due to asymptomatic individuals. "It is a modelling study so I didn't include in my answer yesterday", she said. The US leads the world in Covid-19 infections, with almost two million cases, according to Johns Hopkins, while Brazil is second, with over 707,000 as of Tuesday.

"Since early February, we have said that asymptomatic people can transmit Covid-19, but that we need more research to establish the extent of asymptomatic transmission".

The head of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned the coronavirus pandemic is worsening globally, even as the situation in Europe is improving and New Zealand has effectively eliminated the virus with its last active case recovering on Monday.

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A key point of confusion is the difference between people who are "pre-symptomatic" and will go on to develop symptoms and those who are "asymptomatic" and never feel sick.

Earlier, on Monday, WHO officials said asymptomatic people aren't driving the spread of the virus, casting doubt on concerns by some researchers that the disease could be hard to contain due to asymptomatic infections. "The best scientific studies to date suggest that up to half of cases became infected from asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic people", he said.

Not easy to do, considering that Dr. Van Kerkhove had been clear about what she was saying and she's rather knowledgeable about this pandemic. It suggests there was little chance of asymptomatic transmission at a time when there was emerging evidence to the contrary.

The WHO statement also raised a controversy over the transmission route of the highly contagious SARS-CoV-2.

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"Per capita incomes are expected to decline by 3.6 per cent, which will tip millions of people into extreme poverty this year", the report said. The ease with which the coronavirus spreads under different circumstances is not well understood and is still being studied. "Asymptomatic spread is Achilles' heel of this outbreak".

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