China threatens to ‘counter-attack’ United States over imposing curbs on Chinese students

Hong Kong officials denounce US response to security law

Ireland's Minister for Health slams Donald Trump's 'awful decision' to terminate US support of WHO

BEIJING (AP) - The mouthpiece newspaper of China's ruling Communist Party said that the USA decision to end some trading privileges for Hong Kong "grossly interferes" in China's internal affairs and is "doomed to fail".

China's rubber-stamp parliament on Thursday approved the plans for the law, which would punish secession, subversion of state power, terrorism and acts that endanger national security - as well as allow Chinese security agencies to operate openly in Hong Kong.

China also said ongoing unrest in the United States highlighted its severe problems of racism and police violence - and exposed Washington's double standards in supporting Hong Kong's protesters.

Months after China raised Kashmir issue at the behest of Pakistan at the United Nations Security Council informally, Hong Kong issue was raked up by U.S. and UK at the council informally much to the chagrin of Bejing.

"We will take action to revoke Hong Kong's preferential treatment as a separate customs and travel territory from the rest of China".

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The U.S. -China trade negotiations took more than two years, heaped tariffs on $370 billion of Chinese products, whipsawed financial markets and dimmed global growth prospects well before the coronavirus outbreak crushed them.

"Hong Kong's rioters and police should carefully watch how the 'democratic U.S.' deals with the chaos in Minnesota", wrote Hu Xijin, the nationalist editor of the Global Times, a state-affiliated newspaper that often reflects the foreign policy views of the Chinese Communist Party.

Asian investors probably sighed a little relief on Monday after President Trump decided on Friday not to come down hard on China for its aggressive actions against Hong Kong. Created to satisfy the needs of the people of Hong Kong, Beijing and the Anglo-American powers, the special status of Hong Kong was to last until 2047. Semiconductor products accounted for 70 percent of Korea's $31.9 billion exports to Hong Kong a year ago.

Hong Kong Security Minister John Lee told reporters Saturday that Hong Kong would move forward with the law, despite Trump's decision.

The annual vigils swelled before the 1997 handover to China and have become especially charged in recent years as many Hong Kongers chafe under Beijing's rule.

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The Hong Kong government accused Trump and his administration of smearing and demonizing the government's duty to safeguard national security and called allegations that the security law would undermine individual freedoms "simply fallacious".

Meanwhile, throngs of people lined up at DHL courier outlets across the city, many to send documents to the apply for or renew what is known as a British National (Overseas) passport.

Mainland banks have more than $1 trillion dollars in assets in Hong Kong banks.

They have responded weakly to China's bullying of the World Health Organizations into helping Beijing deny culpability for the Coronavirus pandemic, and have not joined the United States in rebuking the institution for its new Beijing-client status. Trump also said he would limit visas for certain Chinese students. "Why US denies China's right to restore peace and order in HK while brutally dispersing crowds at home?" said Dmitry Polyanskiy.

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