Global Protests for George Floyd Staged in Berlin, London and Toronto

39;We're sick of it': Anger over police killings shatters US

Trump: Military ready as protests intensify

FRANCE 24 reports from Minneapolis.

More than a thousand people held a peaceful protest Saturday afternoon in the Wisconsin capital, but like numerous protests around the country over the death of Floyd in Minneapolis, it later took a violent turn, with a group of about 150 demonstrators throwing rocks at police in riot gear who fired tear gas on the crowd.

Curfews were imposed on major U.S. cities as clashes over police brutality escalated across the United States with demonstrators ignoring warnings from President Donald Trump that his government would stop the violent protests "cold".

The fury sparked by Floyd's death was compounded by the coronavirus pandemic, which has left millions out of work and killed more than 100,000 people in the USA, including disproportionate numbers of black people. "They killed that man for no reason", said another.

39;We're sick of it': Anger over police killings shatters US

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine called in the National Guard Saturday night to assist Cleveland police, at the request of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Police Chief Calvin Williams.

In Friday's protests, some demonstrators smashed police cars and spray-painted the iconic logo sign at CNN headquarters downtown.

Kuntz published almost 100 photos of the scene, capturing the clashes between protesters and Cleveland police where tear gas and pepper spray were deployed.

A protester faces riot police advancing through tear gas during nationwide unrest following the death in Minneapolis police custody of George Floyd, in Raleigh, North Carolina, US.

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This sparked further outrage, prompting demonstrators to retaliate.

Protestors in Chicago and NY city gathered outside the Trump Tower buildings in both cities to protest against police brutality.

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden condemned the violence as he continued to express common cause with those demonstrating after Floyd's death.

People set fire to squad cars, threw bottles at officers and busted windows of storefronts, carrying away TVs and other items even as some protesters urged them to stop.

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Others held up placards saying "Racism has no place" and "I can't breathe" - words Mr Floyd told the police officer who was restraining him. Authorities said that number would soon rise to almost 11,000.

The demonstration began peacefully outside the city's Museum of Art, before violence broke out in the city center and some protesters damaged property and clashed with police.

In Ferguson, Missouri, where Michael Brown Jr. was shot and killed by a white police officer in 2014, sparking a wave of protests throughout the country, six officers were hurt by thrown rocks and fireworks.

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