Worrying surge in childhood disease linked to Covid-19, say health authorities

These Are the States Reporting Cases of Coronavirus-Linked Child Inflammatory Syndrome

New inflammatory condition in children is probably linked to the coronavirus, study finds

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning doctors in the United States about a serious rare inflammatory condition in children linked with the coronavirus.

The new USA guidance defines the condition as occurring in children under 21 with fever, evidence of inflammation, illness severe enough to require hospitalization and impairment of multiple organs such as the heart, kidneys, blood vessels, gut, skin and nerves. "We suggest that this clinical picture represents a new phenomenon affecting previously asymptomatic children with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infection manifesting as a hyperinflammatory syndrome with multi-organ involvement similar to Kawasaki disease shock syndrome".

Doctors in Bergamo, northern Italy reported a 30-fold increase in the incidence of severe inflammatory disorders among young children, with ten cases from mid-February to mid-April as compared to 19 during the previous five years, according to a study this week in The Lancet.

He said the New York State and Department of Health were at the forefront in the USA in investigating the rare illness.

It first reported in Europe last month and, in the last few months, more than 50 cases of the syndrome have come up around the world.

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On Thursday, French researchers reported Kawasaki-disease-like symptoms in 17 children admitted to a Paris hospital between April 27 and May 7, while in an average two-week period they would have expected to see only one such case.

The commissioner did not provide more details on the children, such as their ages or where they live. Children are very ill.

Suspected COVID-19 hospitalizations rose from 59 on May 12 to 78 on May 13, the percentage of people testing positive rose from 11 percent on May 12 to 12 percent on May 13, but the number of ICU patients dropped from 517 to 506, city data show. The inflammatory syndrome has features which overlap with Kawasaki disease and toxic shock syndrome and may occur days to weeks after acute COVID-19 illness.

"We have other patients that we're concerned [about], and we're doing thorough evaluations and we're looking for alternative causes for their fevers and high inflammation", said Dr. Ann Murray, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Mass.

"It's a wide array of symptoms, as you can see, which makes it even harder for parents to know exactly what they're dealing with", New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during his daily coronavirus briefing on Wednesday.

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The report, by Dr. Martin Chalumeau of Necker Hospital for Sick Children, has not been peer reviewed.

She said symptoms include: irritability, abdominal pain without another explanation or episodes of diarrhea or vomiting, having a rash, conjunctivitis, enlarged lymph nodes, red and cracked lips, a red tongue, or swollen hands and feet.

Health authorities have actually been raising hearing concerning instances of an inflammatory disease comparable to Kawasaki disease in numerous nations, Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, head of WHO's arising conditions and also zoonosis system, stated.

"The good news is that, like Kawasaki disease, nearly all the kids are treatable", he added.

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