Calif. seeks 15K hotel rooms for homeless during pandemic

California Launches New Website for Donations of Life Saving Medical Supplies- CBS San Francisco

Gavin Newsom pushes back on Behar's suggestion he has to feed Trump's 'ego' for coronavirus help

Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled a series of new resources to aid small businesses and help California workers who have lost work due to COVID-19.

But when it came to the coronavirus, the president was responsive to Newsom's requests. "At the end of the day we're just trying to focus on developing a relationship of trust as a matter of course, because there's just too many Americans, 40 million that live in this state, that deserve us to get together and get along". "He returns calls, he reaches out, he's been proactive", Newsom said.

"Our decision on that basis, at least here in the state of California, will be determined by the facts, will be determined by the health experts, will be determined by our capacity to meet this moment, bend the curve, and have the appropriate community surveillance and testing to confidently determine whether or not that's appropriate", Newsom said.

Stars of Tiger King: Where Are They Now?
Johnson also tells TMZ that the band had recorded three albums worth of songs of their own before linking up with the Tiger King . But I love tigers. "I think Margot Robbie should play Joe in a like a gender switch [thing] ..." I met [Exotic] - not my friend.

"We got that Mercy ship in down here in Los Angeles", Newsom continued.

Host Sunny Hostin asked if the USA governors were working together instead of going through the Trump administration because "some are saying that some states are getting preferential treatment from the president".

CNN agitator Jake Tapper claimed he had spoken with "officials throughout the country ... who temper their remarks and what they say about the federal government response for fear that President Trump will punish the citizens of their state if he considers them to be a complainer". "The testing space has been a challenging one for us, and I own that, and I have a responsibility as your governor to do better, and to do more testing in the state of California". It's just reality. So when you ask, are we going to rely on the federal government or are we going to rely on ourselves?

NY to get 1,100 ventilators with help from China, Oregon
The mayor has estimated that the city will need 45,000 more medical personnel to fight the pandemic through April and May. More than 300,000 people have tested positive in the United States and over 8,100 have died, according to a Reuters tally.

Governor Gavin Newsom issued two executive orders on March 3 to help in protecting consumers from price gouging and in providing health services during the current coronavirus pandemic. Only 13,000 of the almost 127,000 tests conducted are still pending, Newsom said Saturday, a stark reduction from Friday's figure of almost 60,000 from the California Department of Public Health. He has. So as sort of an offer of objectivity, I have to acknowledge that publicly.

Both the president and Newsom have talked positively about each other this week.

On Saturday, Governor Gavin Newsom contrasted comments made by President Donald Trump by saying he did not anticipate National Football League games with fans in the stands this fall when the season was set to begin.

Wuhan lockdown significantly cuts COVID-19 infections
Reports of the funeral's crematoriums working nonstop also raised questions. By that estimate, 42,000 urns would be given out in the 12-day period.

"Homeless Californians are incredibly vulnerable to COVID-19 and often have no option to self-isolate or social distance", Newsom in the press release. First, labs in California reported that they were missing key ingredients for extracting genetic material - including the virus's - from patient samples. "All of that frustrating you, certainly frustrating me", he stated. "We're hoping and praying more testing will become available", Nasseri said. "They could have a spike where all of a sudden it spikes upward".

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