Epic Family Feud Fail Nabs Contestant $10K in Chicken

Eve Dubois Family Feud Canada

Waterloo family part of viral Family Feud moment

She shouted, "Chicken!" She then started doing a celebratory dance thinking that she had won. The question read: "Name Popeye's favorite food".

A Family Feud Canada contestant went viral after mistaking Popeye's favorite food with chicken -costing her family a $10,000 prize- but is receiving a large payday from the fast food chain.

The restaurant made headlines previous year with the introduction of its very-in-demand chicken sandwich, which caused long lines outside its locations, and even fights - at least one of them fatal. The question referred to the cartoon character Popeye, not the fast food restaurant.

To be fair, with the amount of media coverage that damn chicken sandwich got, who can fault her?

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Eve Dubois had to answer a question against the Tomlin family for the win.

So, the host quickly looked at the camera and put his head down, because well, it was embarrassing.

The other family immediately buzzed in with the correct response, spinach, while Dubois was left basking in her own confusion at her TV gaffe - which she played off quite well. Dee turned to the board to see if, by some chance, "Chicken" was the top answer.

Twitter users are echoing Dee's tweet and are now calling for Dubois to feature in Popeyes commercials, with twitter user @billzoum saying: "I second this Gerry and I would also recommend @PopeyesCA signing her up for an endorsement contract, she's by far their biggest fan.lol".

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When Dubois realized her answer was wrong, she had the flawless excuse: "I thought you meant Popeyes chicken!".

So that's right: It's time for some Family Feud Canada coverage. Only one answer. Whoever gets it, you're playing for $10,000. "Spinach, Gerry", he said. Dubois soon realizes her mistake as her team fills her in.

Eve's brain fart proved to be a viral moment for Family Feud Canada.

"Our survey says you got that right", the restaurant wrote in the tweet.

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