How to safely watch Mercury's 5-hour transit across the sun

This should brighten your Monday Mercury will make a rare pass across the sun

This should brighten your Monday Mercury will make a rare pass across the sun

The transit of Mercury will be visible from countries like America, Europe, among others.

Mercury's transit started at 12.35pm and it will reach the centre at about 3.19pm before finishing its journey at 6.04pm. Thankfully, this transit will last nearly six hours, so there will be plenty of time to catch the show.

Mercury and Venus are the only planets that can appear to pass in front of, or transit, the sun as seen from Earth. Earthlings get treated to only 13 or 14 Mercury travels a century.

Rather, you'll need a telescope or binoculars fitted with a special solar filter. Young could barely see Venus, which is a larger, closer planet, in 2012 with solar-filter glasses when it made a trip across the sun.

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On Monday, 11 November it will be possible to witness a rare astronomical phenomenon - on this day, Mercury is set to make a transit across the sun. The next transit isn't until 2032, and North America won't get another shot until 2049.

NASA said: "Scientists have been using transits for hundreds of years to study the way planets and stars move in space".

"That is truly near the cutoff of what you can see", he said recently. 'So Mercury's going to probably be too small'. We'll be updating this throughout the transit, so check back for more!

How to safely look at the Mercury transit?

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According to NASA, the Solar Dynamics Observatory's website ' will be showing "near real-time" images of the transit, so you don't have to miss this rare event, no matter where you are.

Statistically, every star in the galaxy is alleged to have at least one planet orbiting it. Missions such as Kepler have confirmed the presence of thousands of exoplanets with thousands more waiting to be confirmed.

Remember NEVER look directly at the sun.

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