Security and privacy made better with updates, Password Checkup

Some people need Password Checkup more than others

Enlarge Some people need Password Checkup more than others

Google also monitors parts of the dark web to check for leaked logins. To alleviate the pain of managing passwords in this user-beware world, Google has refreshed its Password Manager and introduced the new Password Checkup feature. Google is making it easier to quicker to find out the answer to broadening the reach of its Password Checkup tool.

Chrome offers to change your flagged passwords using its built-in password manager, but we'd recommend picking up a dedicated password manager for fuller-featured protection that isn't tied to Google's browser alone.

If, for example, login credentials for an old or forgotten account were breached and you somehow missed it, Google's Password Checkup may remind you to update the username and password for that account.

Password Checkup, the plug-in, still works to warn if a specific site has a bad password and updates you on passwords found in recent breaches.

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I'm a big advocate of taking responsibility for protecting your own personal information, which is why it's good news that this morning, Google announced new tools to help you protect your passwords.

In February, the search and advertising giant released Password Checkup, a Chrome extension that checks passwords to see if they are secure. In particular, the reuse of credentials across 486 accounts shows my laziness when it comes to online security. Other times, it's the easy-to-guess passwords ("123456", anyone?).

One quarter of Americans have used weak passwords like abc123 or password, two thirds have reused the same password for multiple sites and less than half would change their password if it was disclosed in a breach.

And password reuse is a major problem nowadays. "It never reports any identifying information about your accounts, passwords, or device".

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For those anxious about Google seeing your passwords, the company says that they are encrypted and It has no way of viewing them.

Third-party security tools already offer password-grading capabilities like this.

Password Checkup was built with privacy in mind.

For users without the time to read through documentation like that, Google's message ultimately boils down to: Trust us to manage your passwords in one place, because the alternatives are riskier.

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